Private Bar Crawl in Barcelona

This is a private bar crawl for your group, I will take you out any night of the week and show you some great places to go.

I will show you around 3-4 bars in Barcelona and show you a great time. 
I have found some really special and amazing bars around Bourne, Gotic, Placa Rial & Raval (Every week its a new bar). These are truly hidden gems and not many people know about them. 

To summarize some of the prices: 

· One bar has any cocktail for 4€ and beer for 2€
· One bar has beers for 1.50€ & cocktails for under 3€
· One bar has really strong Mojitos for 3.50€ and beer for 2€

(All of the bars will give us FREE shots)

As you can see the prices are very low for a Friday night and they are amazing. We trialed it with a few from Pumpage last time and everyone loved it.

If you want to see some of the best and hidden bars in Barcelona with amazing people from all over the world. You will love our Bar Crawl.

Have fun and see you very soon.

The big guy with a beanie hat

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