Once each participant has been issued with their equipment, marshals will move around the basecamp dividing players into teams with coloured armbands. These teams have been predetermined by the Centre Manager according to the complete list of groups booked-in for the day. The teams will be divided equally by age, group size, and paintballing experience so as to ensure all games are competitive, safe and enjoyable for all players.

Before the start of play each player will receive a comprehensive briefing, which includes general information on how the day will run, along with the safety rules and regulations.Once the safety briefing is completed, each player will have his/her goggles touch-tested by a marshal prior to leaving the safe zone.

Players will then proceed through to the gun zone where they will be issued with a 0.68 calibre Inferno Paintball machine gun.  Players will then have the opportunity to enjoy a few practice shots in the target area, perfecting their aim for the game.

Once all players have their aim steady and goggles secured, the games begin!




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