Balloon Ride

  • Flights begin about dawn and a couple of hours before sunset. The balloon can be maneuvered from thousands of feet aloft to within just inches of the treetops or a  lake.
    Your  Pilot will maneuver the balloon into appropriate air currents to guide the course of your flight.
    As you’re sailing aloft, our experienced chase crew will track the balloon to its eventual landing site.
  • After landing, enjoy a champagne toast and receive a

    flight certificate to commemorate your aeronautical adventure.
    Be sure to bring your camera.
  • Weather is a BIG factor in ballooning. We need to have fair weather and very light winds.
  • The total adventure lasts three to three and a half hours. The actual flight time is about an hour (between 45min and one and a half hours).
  • Give a balloon ride as a birthday or anniversary gift, or simply to fulfill a life long dream…
  • Our balloon is available for rides, private parties, promotions, and instruction.